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Coworking Spaces

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Cowork Space

Creative people need creative space. A space where they can be not only productive, but constantly inspired. Home offices are great but when we work all alone it can be hard to be productive. Home is, well, home; a place for family and friends. Perhaps you have tried working out of a coffee house or similar environment. These are great places to get coffee but the constant battle for a good work surface, proper lighting, power or Wi-Fi connection can make coffee house work life complicated.  You need a creative space. We have it.

Conference Rooms

Our Conference Rooms are available for Member and Non-members alike. They can be booked hourly and have TVs available for presentations.

Lounge Chairs

This inclusive space welcomes anyone looking to do good work among good people: individuals needing a place to set up their laptops and meet their deadlines or small businesses wanting to cultivate a culture of engagement and efficiency.